*UPDATES 10th Aug onwards

Groups of max 5 persons allowed.

Masks have to be worn at all times in the park including the jump area.

Parties are temporarily cancelled till further notice.

Q: How long is a session?

Session length is now 50mins to facilitate safe entry and exit of guests between session changeover.

Guests for next session will only be allowed entry 5 mins before the session starts. Check-in will be done in a queue outside the facility during busy sessions.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?

Masks are optional while jumping but compulsory anywhere else in the facility except when eating or drinking.

Jumpers are to adhere to 1m safe distancing from other jumpers in the activity area.

Q: How many people can I visit with?

Maximum of 5 persons in a booking. No intermingling with other guests/groups in the facility.

Q: How many spectators are allowed?

Due to covid, 1 spectator per group/jumper is allowed in the facility. Spectators to be seated at least 1m apart from the next person.

Spectators may also be asked to wait outside if capacity is reached.

Q: How often is the park cleaned?

We clean high touch surfaces every session and a weekly deep clean. Hand sanitisers are readily available at the counter. Water cooler is temporarily closed.

Q: What is the capacity of the function room?

A maximum of 5 persons with function wristbands will be allowed in the function room at any time. No singing allowed.

Masks on at all times except when eating and drinking.

Covid-19 Guidelines and Practices