Rules & Safety

Your safety is extremely important to us!  Facility hours are segregated into age categories as well as providing family hours in which Child Courtesy rules are enforced.  Failure to adhere to the rules and other staff instruction can result in the loss of jump time.  As with any active sport, participants might get injured.  Do not attempt anything outside of your personal limitations or abilities.


  1. Everyone who enters the trampoline court needs a valid AMPED waiver on file. Those under 18 must have one signed by their parent or legal guardian.
  2. All jumpers must wear grip socks.  Shoes and bare feet are not permitted.
  3. All jumpers must have an appropriate wristband on.
  4. Empty your pockets entirely.  No belt buckles, obtruding hair pieces, or studs on clothing are permitted.
  5. Phones, cameras, and other hand held objects are not allowed on the trampoline mats and padding. You may take pictures but must return them to the seating area when not in use.
  6. No food or drink allowed in the court.
  7. No tag, racing, rough housing, wrestling, shoving, etc.
  8. No touching any of the top pads or leaning on the nets.
  9. Do not jump from the trampolines onto walkway areas.
  10. Flips and other tricks can be dangerous, perform at your own risk.  Double flips are not allowed.
  11. Back flips are not permitted in the foam pit.
  12. During hours where children and adults are allowed on the court at the same time Child Courtesy rules apply.
  13. All sporting activities as well as trampolining have inherent risks that may result in serious injuries*. Safety rules are in place to reduce this risk. Jumpers must be in control of their bodies at all times and only attempt jumps and skills within their abilities. (*Such injuries include, but are not limited to, cuts and bruises, falls, broken bones, injuries to wrists, arms, legs, ankles, backs, heads and necks, injuries from flips or contact with other participants, spinal injuries and/or death, and which may occur as a result of use or misuse of the facility in any way by anyone, use of equipment that malfunctions or breaks, and/or improper maintenance of the facility, grounds, or equipment.)


  1. Be mindful of smaller jumpers and keep on separate trampolines.
  2. No double jumping.  This means landing on a trampoline right before another jumper causing them to launch upward.
  3. The parkour walls are off limits to small children.
Be Safe. Have Fun.