Lessons – Term Class


Upcoming Term: 25th Oct - 17th Dec 2021

$350/term (8 weeks)

Introducing Amped Term Classes, a 8-week term program conducted by Singapore Gymnastics accredited coaches! Sign your kids up for a flipping good time while advancing their trampoline skills and earn an exclusive Amped Proficiency Wristband with every completed term.

Things to Expect:

  • Learn essential trampoline skills such as straight jumps, how to stop safely, gymnastic shapes and basic trampoline skills.
  • Experienced jumpers can expect to train more advanced skills such as flips and twists.
  • Build core strength and body awareness.
  • Skill assessment at the end of the term. Students will perform a trampoline routine and be awarded a proficiency wristband upon completion.
  • Complete all 5 terms to be an Amped Legendary Jumper!

Lesson Plan - Level 1

* Lesson objectives may be altered to fit individual students’ capabilities.

Week Drops  Flips
1 - 2
  • Straight Jumps
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Basic Trampoline Shapes
  • Seat Drop
  • Knee Drop
  • Forward Roll
3 - 4
  • Seat & Knee Drops Combo
  • 1/2 Twist to Seat/Knee Drops
  • Tabletop to Front Drop
  • Front Peanut
5 - 7
  • Routine Preparation
  • Front Flip
  • Skills Assessment & Routine Performance
  • Awarding of Wristband & Certificate 



    • In the event where students are not able to attend a class, they will be able to make up for the class by joining another class within the week/the next week. Please inform the coaches at least a day in advance prior to lesson date.
    • No shows for classes will not be compensated.
    • Students are allowed a maximum of 2 make up classes per term.
  • Term Cancellations >14 days before term commences will be eligible for a full refund.
  • Term Cancellations made <14 days before term commences will be eligible for 50% refund.
  • No refunds for cancellations after term commences.